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Armour Ribs in a can advertisement

1963 Ad Armour & Co Star Canned Cooked Ribs Barbecue Sauce Food Products

yeah...Twinkie sauce with eyeballs...

“Split pieces of hot cornbread and place sizzling slices of fried Treet between and on top. Melt Cloverbloom Cheese in white sauce and pour over shortcakes. Garnish with stuffed olives.


1950 Swift’s "Premium" canned hamburger ad.because you know, cooking a hamburger on the grill is such hard time consuming work and all.

Layer-Pak Canned Vegetables -- 1948

Layer-Pak Canned Vegetables — 1948

O wow -- cabbage and baked beans!  That's a recipe for disaster in my house.  Don't light a match!

Jones made this cabbage/bean concoction for her family on Monday. On Thursday, they were still gassy.

Cheese Souffle - with a "top hat"! The world's favorite cheeses are made or imported by Kraft ~

What's for dessert tonight?  giant eyeball!  Yayyyyyy!!!!!

1950 recipe, sorry sounds about as appealing as smoked salmon on banana bread covered with chocolate gravy.

I cannot get over this. How gross!!               Salad came in fun shapes. | 19 Insane Things That Were Actually Acceptable In The '60s

Salad came in fun shapes.

An ad for vegetable and celery-flavored Jell-O, which apparently existed. - mixed vegetable Jell-o?

Tuna Upside Down Bake   Newlywed dinners that made my husband gag---VEG-ALL

Tuna Upside Down Bake – Contest Finalist #4

Tuna Upside Down Bake, featuring Veg-All. Nothing good comes from Veg-All.

The Food of Astronaut Wives Club Episode 3: “Retroattitude” – Behind the Scenes…

The Food of Astronaut Wives Club Episode 3: “Retroattitude” – Behind the Scenes With Food Stylist Emily Marshall

1963 Vintage Ad for Spanish Green Olives with a Recipe for Olive-Cheese Porcupine

Curried Eggs Bengal, 1965. I didn't think u could ruin curry. I was wrong.

Curried Eggs Bengal recipe (Sue Murray, the woman pictured in the ad is the developer of the recipe. No doubt she is long dead, yet her Curried Eggs Bengal lives on. Well played, Miss Murray, well played.