Baby Kaiju :)

Great Dane puppy

Great Dane puppy

Are you running with the big dogs?  I think not!  #Wakeupnow   #Wunlifeforlife

Holy crap------that's one big dog A Great Dane's brain is about 72 grams, or just over two ounces US.

Hey lil bro!

Reminds me of an old Disney movie title "The Ugly Dachshund" about a Great Dane who thought he was a dachshund.

here there and everywhere

Do you know that Pit Bulls are, once upon a time, considered to be "Nanny" dogs to watch children? They are still extremely good with children. Too bad Media chooses to paint them as bad guys.~*~*My pitbull is my best friend~*~*~*

Baby Lux 7 weeks old :) | A community of Great Dane lovers!

Top 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds Breaks my heart that the Dane lives such a short life.


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