Hacer un mandala ¿Como hacer un mandala tu mismo y que quede bien? ¿Quieres hacer un Mandala sobre tu piel pero no encuentras la forma ni el modelo perfecto para ti? Entonces, ¿por qué no creas el tuyo propio? Si piensas que es imposible pues no eres un gran artista, estás muy equivocado.

Why Mandala Patterns Are Different? : How To Draw Mandala Patterns. How to draw mandala patterns.

mandalas have got to be one of the coolest things to look at & one of the most relaxing things to make

I love the use of dark black ink on the light galaxy print, i think it makes the pattern really stand out. I also love the intricate Indian style pattern and if I have time I'd like to create something similar for m ID project.

30 Charming Sun Tattoo Designs

30 Charming Sun Tattoo Designs

Black geometric sun tattoo back (if you look closely, you will see the 12 astrological signs)

Mandala design to ad to my mandala layered sleeve...

This mandala is beautiful. Tattoo on my shoulder cap. I want to find this one as a flat drawing.