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magicalnaturetour: A three-day-old Lechwe antelope stands next to its mother at the zoo in Berlin, Germany, on February Three young antelopes were born at the zoo at the same time. They all have different mother but the same father. via Animal Tracks :)

I like to laugh, I love to learn. The world is my library. I post what amuses, or interests me - depending upon my demeanor. "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever...

This petition is in response to Teatown Nature Preserve's plan to kill its deer residents while deliberately avoiding non-lethal, humane methods. We are including Westchester County's hunting programs in county parks. July 2016

Grandma had something similar to these from the so you may be giving the gift of nostalgia as well. Our adorable ceramic baby deer salt and pepper shakers come in a gift box.