Teddybear, made using naalbinding technique, Oslo- and Danish-Stitch (if I find myself having little vikings in my social cirkel, they WILL get stuffed animals that are historicaly correct (plant dyed, needlbinded (or sewn) and stuffed with scraps and/or wool). The pure level of geekiness when the kids can bring their favorite toy to the LARP because its historicaly correct. <3)

Needlebound / nalbound pillow made using two-ply weave yarn (that has been dyed with hazel for bright orange, dyer's weed for yellow, and St Johns Wort for green, as well as buttons made from ash tree) and trial and error stitch ;), by Jannika Boström. Posted 2015-11-09 in Nålbindning group on facebook. Please see source link for original post!

Naalbinding gloves made of natural dyed wool: elderberry fruits and leaves.

Needlebound / nalbound sweater for child made using improvised stitch, by Anneli Henriksson. Posted [in Swedish] 2015-11-10 for sale @ Evendim hantverk [Evendim handicrafts] on FaceBook. Please see link!

Hafdis Werkelstube - Tasche via Facebook group

Needlebound / nålbound mushrooms, by Kimberly. Posted in her blog the artful acorn. Please see original link for two more photos!

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