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Chris Pine- I dont know who he is either but  ahh his eyes and facial hair, gorgeous man

Chris Pine- I dont know who he is either but ahh his eyes and facial hair, gorgeous man--> come on Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek Movies!

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I envisioned Paul Walker as Logan, the sexy surfer dude, gorgeous with piercing blue eyes.

20. Orlando Bloom  Born on: 13th Jan 1977  Sexy because: I haven’t been a big Orlando fan ever but I have to say that he has gotten sexier over the years.

I guess I have a thing for dark haired men. doesn't hurt if they have piercing eyes and are so incredibly handsome, like Orlando Bloom (although I liked him with long silvery hair, as Legolas).

Orlando Bloom! OMG! Can someone please tell me why I have forgotten that this man existed. Such a babe!

Sometimes I forget about Orlando Bloom and then I'm like ooooooh yeaaaaaah Orlando Bloom!)///Except I never forget about Orli!

Chris Pine.  I love him. Totally love him. I really like him in The Princess Diaries with Ann Hathaway. He plays such a romantic

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pretty pretty pretty......

Evening Eye Candy: Paul Walker

Just saw someone post this. "Paul Walker - dont now who he is but he's gorgeous :)" Apparently you know you're old when you know who Paul Walker is. He was the sexiest man on the planet. Paul Walker you are greatly missed.

Gorgeous with his hair short ... I wish to goodness he'd keep it like that!! none of that "Chanel No 5, long hair, poetic spirit" nonsense ... just does nothing for him!! this is how we like you Brad :) thank you.

man in leather jacket and jeans. oh, and that man is Brad Pitt.

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Hugh Jackman: dude is improving with age. 2013 ~~~ Bearded neck Richard Armitage actor is Thorin in Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie , Richard Armitage reminds me of actor Hugh Jackman from The Wolverine Movies in some photos a little,