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Reward board music bulletin. Make a pin for each classroom and clip it to their designated grade. On your whiteboard or chalkboard put the word MUSIC ( I use magnets). During the lesson if the class is too talkative, take a letter away. If the class keeps all the letters on the board at the end of lesson, they move two steps on their keyboard. 1-4 letters left is one step. No letters = no steps. When a class reaches the end of their keyboard, they earn a free music class.

This was a fun activity to do in music class the first week of school involving the whole school! The kids spent just the last 10 minutes of class coloring there note/musical symbol. I also had a bit of a grade level assignment for them to include. The fifth graders wrote their favorite song title, the third graders wrote the value of the assigned note etc.

Music with Mrs. Dennis: 110 Free Music Education Apps. I will have to come back to this to pin some of the more special apps individually.

This is the BEST online resource for instrument families. I use it in fifth grade at the end of the year...great for the kids on the Smart Board!

Great Music Education Apps for Elementary School Kids **UPDATED** NOW 17!

Music with Mrs. Dennis: Ice Cream Bulletin Board FREE DOWNLOAD Each scoop features one of the National Standards for Music Education in kid-friendly terms