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We are the zombie apocalypse? Hmm. What a way to put it. I won't disagree.

You are being lied to!(sorry about the F word used in the message)

Because of the people who don't pay attention to those people!

Because really bad people are manipulating the stupid people in order to remove power from good people… – Liberal Logic 101

If you spend all your time complaining about welfare programs while ignoring subsidizing of companies that exploit tax loopholes, you might be an a--hole. Most people on food stamps need them. It is temporary, it is their last resort, and it is their lifeline until they get back on their feet. They don't WANT to be on food stamps. It is humiliating. Stop punishing hard working people.

Republican Theft of Billions+ Billions of our Tax Dollars to Give to Profitable Corporations. Obama and Bernie Sanders has asked the practice to stop. the Rich Corporate Welfare continues at the People's expense!

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Conservative Warrior on

If Hillary gets her way, the path will be cleared for Congress to enact legislation that makes it a crime to criticize President Clinton in a book or movie.

I am so lucky to have a career that I truly love. I hope I never feel like quitting because of a bad day, but if that time ever comes, I hope I remember to look back and think about why I chose this line of work.

Remember why you chose the career. And, remember that there are many more people like me who appreciate, respect, and support law enforcement than there are a-holes that don't.

Historically, the most terrible things; war, genocide, and slavery have resulted not from disobedience but from obedience Howard Zinn

Historically, the most terrible things: war Genocide and slavery have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience: Howard Zinn. Stand up for animal rights, go against the grain and GO VEGAN!

I have participated in COUNTLESS protests and I have been lucky not to have been beaten, bullied, or arrested. Not yet anyway. #activism

Sad that we live in a world that true peaceful protestors would need to wear such a button.