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Naples on a plate

To clued-in gourmands, the mere mention of Naples makes the mouth water. This loud, ancient metropolis is home to Italy’s finest pizza, silkiest mozzarella, and richest coffee. Each day spent in the city is an endless feast, peppered with cinnamon-scented pastries and silky market seafood, golden street snacks and savoury Aglianico wine.

Aperitivo (Italy). 'While you’re here, be sure to join them in the age-old ritual of aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks accompanied by cocktail snacks) or in the recent phenomenon of apericena (drinks with a snack buffet so generous that it can double as dinner). Best enjoyed after a leisurely passeggiata (early evening stroll), aperitivo is most seductive in the larger cities and towns, when people-watching is an important component.'

Pedalling Through Lucca (Italy). 'Hire a bike, provision yourself with picnic supplies and freewheel along the city’s cobbled streets, zooming through a progression of piazzas and stopping to pay your respects at the city’s clutch of architecturally important churches. Next, hit the popular bicycle path atop the monumental city walls or head into the surrounding countryside to visit opulent villas.'

Florence’s must-see masterpieces

Art and architecture in Florence are world-class and timeless. The city hit the jackpot in medieval and Renaissance times when painters, sculptors and architects bejeweled churches, palaces and squares with a wealth of masterpieces.

Naples Italy - Welcome to the Jungle

We fell in love with Naples for many reasons. Where else can you find street lined with pasta?

Touring by Vespa (Italy). 'What could be more Italian than hopping on a Vespa and cruising the countryside, stopping to visit wine estates, medieval pieve (rural churches) and hilltop towns along the way? The famous scooter is ubiquitous throughout the region and ideally suited to slow travel. If you hire one, the only accessories you’ll need for a perfect day or two of touring are a driving map and gourmet picnic provisions.'

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok (Thailand). 'In a city obsessed with commerce, Chatuchak takes the prize as Bangkok’s biggest, baddest market. Silks, sneakers, fighting fish, puppies, and some pretty good food – if it's sold in Bangkok, you’ll find it here. Come early and be prepared for some serious collective bargaining as half of Bangkok squeezes into the market’s narrow lanes.'