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I'm not an alcoholic

I’m not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I’m a drunk, we go to parties

OK, Excuse the french here but this just KILLS me...  LMAO!  And, my husband actually helps ALOT around here on the weekends so this is no shot at him!  I just think it's funny!

men are fuckers. My husband cooks and cleans sometimes but I just thought thus was funny lol


My brother told me aliens and monsters lived under the bed.then the next morning I stuck my led off and hit the dog's leg and thought it was a monster's leg.from then on i would crawl to the end of the bed and take a flying leap out of my room :D


Fifty Shades Of Funny: The Best Of The 50 Shades Of Grey E-Cards

Fifty Shades Of Funny: The Best Of The 50 Shades Of Grey (good thing I havent read it!

Prehistoric Googling

prehistoric googling ~ a time when everybody new the Dewey Decimal system.or use a Librarian to find a book!

Hahaha...this is totally me! I love to walk fast and hit the elliptical, but mercy I hate to run! ~bzb

I never run with scissors...

So true. I hate running. Unless someone is chasing me with said scissors.

kicks-giggles...god i am old

SENS5 Conference on Aging and Regenerative Therapies was Fantastic

10 years ago - this is SO true!then when I think about the reality that the were about 20 years ago.I feel really old!

Inspiration for Grandmother Trevelyan comes from Betty White.  This quote is perfect for both of them.

I love you, Betty White. My hero. I wanna be Betty White when I grow up Betty should be the ambassador for the Internet

thank God for short weeks...

Only four more days until a bitch can get drunk.that's if you only drink on the weekends.


Many a time has passed when I did the exact same thing. Possibly even said/thought the same thing.

EVERY day!!  Dude....really?  With my wtf face.  Lol...

Actually, I want my own game show called What's Wrong With You? WTF is wrong with you would be the bonus round.


They laughed at my crayon drawing. I laughed at their chalk outline. A little creepy!


Kids today don't know the struggle. - I love my CDs. I can move music around without having to repurchase the song for a different device. Besides I'm old school.


THis will make my girl laugh :) LOL Funny Pictures Of The Day – 83 Pics Pitch Perfect- Fat Amy!

from Isabella & Max Rooms

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