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The Japanese surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay.

The end of World War II - General Douglas MacArthur watches as representatives of Japan stand aboard the USS Missouri prior to signing of the Instrument of Surrender ending World War II - September

Ste. Marie du Mont, Normandy, France.  Easy Company and the 101st Airborne captured and occupied on D-Day.

'Easy Company,' Battalion of the Parachute Infantry Regiment of the Airborne Division, at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy.

#Culture of Balashwar City.

of Balashwar City.

Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India’s poorest women dressed in pink saris are banding together to fight corruption and injustice and to raise their voices against the system.The Gulabi (Rose) or “Pink Gang” fights for the rights of women and other marginalized people in rural India.

would love to talk to her (apparently she's the leader). India's Pink Gang -kimm (Fighting the

British Indian officer, portrayed in a studio in Marseille, just after his arrival in France. WW1

Indian officer, Marseille

Japan, U.S. AT WAR...104 Die in Hawaii Raid: 2 U.S. Transports Sunk

Japan U.S at War Headline Pearl Harbor - NEW Vintage Historic Newspaper POSTER

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and of Balashwar City.