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THIS IS ME WHEN I SEE HARRY CRYING. harry styles, hazza, harold, one direction, 1D spongebob and patrick, crying


AGREED! Thank you:)

There is a fine line between devoted directioner and crazy stalker fan. I'm a little of both more a devoted directioner with a dash of crazy

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I repinned it

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don't like Niall Horan, there is something wrong with you. That boy is amazing! He's simply perfection, without Niall James Horan. THERE IS NO ONE DIRECTION!

That's how it was at the concert I went to. lln . As soon as Niall's and Harry's solo came on, it went quiet.

mmhmm or Louis' or Zayn's or Liam's or Harry's. on slow songs it's kind of like 'silence!' cause I just want to hear their angelic voices. So true!

PLEASE REPIN...THIS IS NOT OK>> #UncleSimonHelpUs ok I know this isnt 5sos but they r really close and NIall and Louis are kinda the reasons for 5sos becoming as big as they are now! we need to help are boys! repin!

Uhm, no tis isn't true Yes the management sucks but Simon is the actual problem here guys, he's the head of the management, just putting it in here ;

Oh no:'(<<aww why?! Poor Marcel

OMG NO 😔 guys i don't like reading sad marcel imagine things! Why does everyone do this its gonna make me cry:(

imperfection is perfection. • itiswhatitislh:   Niall’s been completely quiet...

itiswhatitislh: “Niall’s been completely quiet the last couple of minutes.

Guys oh my god. this is amazing Hahahahahaha this is to much Niall is now a member of two amazing hot awesome boybands hehe

Guys this is amazing Hahahahahaha this is to much Niall is now a member of two amazing hot awesome boybands hehe>>>>>>They're more than amazing hot awesome boy bands! They're supermegafoxyawesomehot boy bands!

i had a problem sorta like that! I normaly get a footlong at subway but I felt sick tonight so I only got a 6 inch. I got home and was depressed cuz I was still hungry

I thought this was gonna be sad, I was like oh gawsh. Then this happened.