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Walt Disney World Flowers Close up Premier / deuxième plan

Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World. The happiest place on earth! I had 9 wonderful years of going to Disney World twice a year as an employee!

Walt disney and Micky mouse statue at disney.

Iconic Statue of Walt & Mickey known as "Partners" Statues as they are hand in hand with each other.The statue, which is made of bronze, was added to Magic Kingdom on June 19

The different looks of Cinderella's Castle

List of 2014 Holiday Season Happenings at Walt Disney World - my family adored the da and firework display!

Hmm. Fun idea? (In Emeryville, CA. Not 100% sure it's open to public however.)

Visit Pixar Studios / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die. Or work for them. Either one XD

On day we will make it to Disney!

Be sure to stop at the Del Sol store in the Orlando airport before heading out to the Cinderella Castle in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.