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Bastardization of desert geological formations

Badlands - Remix collaboration project with photographer, Ben Sandler

Bastardization of desert geological formations

Badlands by Ben Sandler Conception with Zeitguised by Zeitguised Made in Arizona, Berlin, and Paris

Omenapuisto Day-Care-Center / Hakli Architects, daycare courtyard, wood siding, round skylight

Gallery of Omenapuisto Day-Care-Center / Hakli Architects - 3

Xavier Portela: Glow.

Inkut Lab presents the first exhibition of Xavier Portela: Glow. A series of pictures printed on brushed aluminum plate and available in limited edition.


splash sculptures

Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto, known as floto + warner, New York based creative, explode our minds: with color! Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto,.