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Soldado Gurka,7º de Gurcas,Islas Malvinas.1982

dibujos de soldados de la guerra de las malvinas

British Captain of the Royal Ulster Rifles  Korea 1952

Captain, Royal Ulster Rifles, Korea brigaded with the Glosters and fought alongside them at the Imjin. By Dan Green, pin by Paolo Marzioli

BRITISH ARMY - 52nd (Lowland) Division 1939-44 - 1) Stretcher Bearer, 6th Highland Light Infantry - 2) Company Sergeant-Major of Infantry, 1944 - 3) Piper, 4/5 Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1943

BRITISH ARMY - (Lowland) Division - Stretcher Bearer, Highland Light Infantry Division - Company Sergeant-Major of Infantry, 1944 - Piper, Royal Scout Fusiliers, 1943

BRITISH ARMY - 1) Lance Corporal, British Infantry of the Line, 1940-43 - 2) Troop Sergeant Major, Royal Scots Grey, 1942 - 3) Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1941-42

Small note, the kit bag of figure three has the name M Windrow stencilled on it. Martin Windrow was the original publisher, and later editor, of Osprey books.