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The area we found worms and many small fishes. It was very shallow but slippery. I was about to fall down.

This is a Great snowy Egret that is trying to find food. They were one of the birds

This was a waterfall that was inside of the river ! It was natural and beautiful

This is a snow heron. He is searching for food. He is able to confuse the fish and catch them before they escape.

We were able to go through the rocks to get to the other side. I was difficult but it's a challenge I am willing to take.

Geo-mapping from our little adventure to the LA River.

Random picture of a duck in the LA river. This is their habitat and we as humans should respect that and help them restore the land.

This was by the LA river, the dirt was moist and there is a lot of insects that live there.

There were many fishes in the lake. The same fish in different sizes.

A part of the LA river where there is true nature and no channelization !! They should expand this idea and restore what was once true nature.