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COMMISSION: Faithful. by BritishStarr on DeviantArt

Angry SS. by Unichrome-uni on DeviantArt

Super Sonic and Super Shadow by aoki6311 on deviantART

Drawfriend Stuff #1566

Sonic the Hedgehog - Google+

To AmyluvSon: Jealous by QTStartheHedgehog on deviantART

Doodle + Sonic and Amy... in an old drawing + by ClassicMariposAzul on DeviantArt

SonicxAmyness by QTStartheHedgehog on deviantART

Soft Colors by Kat-Tale on DeviantArt

Obssesive Hammer 2 by Drawloverlala this is what it would be like if shadamy did occur ^_^'