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I believe I will have to have a "Fairy Tale" shoot in my wedding gown :)


Gowns + Nature = Beautiful ************************** I believe I will have to have a "Fairy Tale" shoot in my wedding gown :)

Fairytale Inspired Engagement Photos - Alice in Wonderland Engagement Session Apparel Inspiration Woods Love Couple Wedding  would love to shoot my next couple like this!   Irina Reichert Photography  http://irinareichertblog.com

Fairytale Inspired Engagement Photos

I love Vogue. They don't even try to sell things--they just have fun being creative.

Snow White Spanish fashion photographer, Eugenio Recuenco did a Fairy Tale-themed fashion shoot for Frnech Vogue in

whimsical....@Sarah Graves, this would be an awesome wedding picture someday to go with your whimsical theme.  :)

When I was a little girl. In the cool spring air I would swing high and close my eyes and feel like I was in a beautiful garden. With flowers and a gorgeous pink dress.This is the picture I saw in my dream.

Great for a Steampunk Red Riding Hood Outfit! See more Steampunk Clothing @ www.fizzlecrankemporium.co.uk

Steampunk Red Riding Hood

Photo-Op Idea: Little Red Riding Hood. Use the dogs as wolves throughout the shoot. Dress him up as the hunter. Try to stay away from single person shots. Use photos as guides for my own scenes.

Margarita Kareva is a Russia-based photographer who specializes in fantasy art photography. Her photographs beautifully portray women that have been transformed into fairytale princesses and witches

Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos by Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva

Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva is a photographer who marks her superb talent in photography through magical and fantasy art. With so much passion, Margarita captures dream-like and magical fairy tale photos with

Little Red Riding Hood fairytale engagement photo

Fairytale Inspired Engagement Photos