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Funny pictures are great by themselves but sometimes a caption can change the way you look at the photos. Here is a collection of funny pictures with captions that will make you laugh and possibly question your humor!

No matter if you're traveling for business, on a family trip, or sitting in your living room, here is a simple workout to get in each and every day!

Busy Week? Here's Your Quick 7-Day Workout Plan

The Anywhere Workout - quick daily workouts that can stand alone or complement a cardio workout

No Excuses Workout Series – Full Body Workout 3

No Excuses Workout Series - Full Body Workout #2

Top 30 Leadership Quotes

Top 30 Leadership Quotes

Making excuses does not create forward progress. It slows you down and those you are making excuses to. So make it better for all.make progress.

This is why we plank! 30 day challenge. This is the BEST for toning and stregthenning my core.

Easy Ways On How To Turn The Exercising Into A Habit

I got 3 minutes! Here’s How To Work Out Your Arms In Three Minutes Flat - We teamed up with NYC trainer Anna Altman to create a series of at-home workouts that you can do in 180 seconds.

I need to have this blown up and put on my wall!!

DIY Fitness Motivational Quotes T-Shirt Ideas

What's your reason for exercising?   http://freesamples.us/

May Small Changes Challenge - Get Moving

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Team - Watch my you tube video on T.E.A.M. http://youtu.be/muuiHBT52KA Do not treat yourself, because when you only half work it, it does nothing. Do what needs to be done!

Best Fitness Watch for Women who Want to Crush their Goals!

this applies to so many things other than fitness but so true! "when you're interested in someone you do them only when it's convenient. When you're committed to someone you except no excuses only results"~StyleStarterKam