Abs for the more experienced 🙈😈 This one will take lots of practice and positioning. Attach the cable to the bottom hook of your Stroops ankle straps (link in my bio @conqherfitvideos - type in ALL LEGS ANKLE STRAPS). The cable attachment should be tummy height so you can pull the weight down and into your chest!! The weight needs to be heavy enough to hold your lower body in the air.. The most difficult part is balancing to attach the cable to the ankle strap. If necessary, use a chair to…

More ball work for that six pack 😜 .. Or at least for a super strong core and ultimately a smaller waist 💪🏼 Disregard my many facial expressions while killing my #abs!! 🙈🔥 #homeabs #abguide #lazygirlabs #lazygirlsguide #befitvideos #fitgirlguide #abs #sixpackfemmes #waistguide #leanwaistguide @abs_guide @abs_at_home @homeabs @abs_help @howtogetabs @lazygirlabs @abstrength @sixpackfemmes @lazygirlguides @lazygirlabs @homesquatpage @homeexerciseguide

Let's be honest no one likes having a Muffin Top? Still, it seems impossible to get rid of, right? Wrong. Try this Melting Muffin Top Workout and watch the muffin top melt away before your eyes Meltaway 200 - Banish that muffin top with this workout.

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