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It's All connected back to "Pizza Gate"...Where do YOU think 7 million missing children go?

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HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TAEHYUNG!!!! You're the cutest lil bean and you deserve the best! You won't see this message but I really hope that you get good rest and stay healthy. You've gained so much success over the few years; you're such an inspiration to all of your many fans. Keep being your cute lil self, us fans will always stay by your side. Love, one of your many, many fans ❤️

I loved when he did this! Trolling all over twitter while his members were performing haha

CBX livestream!!! I can't deal with Chen omg!! His slippers like omg stop being so precious (they're all precious though ok!) I'm dead

This is so perfect; yoongi was totally having a twitter trolling party all by himself!

Have you bookmarked these genealogy sites? Of course we all have our favorite sites to retrieve the records that let us fill in the blanks on our family trees, but eventually you want to go deeper …

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[#오늘의방탄] 늦은 시간까지 가요대전을 시청해주신 아미 여러분(과 슈가군) 고맙습니다!~ 열심히 무대를 준비한 방탄소년단 모두 최고~! 최고~! 1/2 | Twitter Update