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Grow Your Toddler's Vocabulary

How to Get My Toddler To Combine Words: Grow but vary your toddler's vocabulary. As vocabulary grows, so does sentence length.

My son is waaay ahead he talks so good and can count to 5 and say his abcs :) smart boy♥ people r so amazed when i tell them hes only 1 :)

Teach a toddler their vocabulary words so they can start communicating with you and expanding their words. Vocabulary building activities for toddlers

A few years ago, I inherited a caseload full of 2-5th grade boys that had been in therapy longer than they wanted to be.  Need I mention it was chock full of “R” and “S?”  It was a creative year fo...

Goals: articulation, figurative language, multiple meaning words, pragmatics, vocabulary development Kids love jokes of all kinds! By bringing joke books into

Parent friendly! Perfect for early intervention!

Speech & Language Milestones - birth to 5 Infographic Parent friendly! Perfect for early intervention! Great information for both parents and teachers!

Selective Eating Disorder vs Picky Eating

Picky Eating vs. Selective Eating Disorder

Selective eating vs Picky eating - often associated with Autism disorder & SPD

Social & Emotional Skills for Children according to Age.

Social and Emotional Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages