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Toast, come to the toast Niall, you know you're hungry Niall, come to the toast.

and my kids think i'm a joke<<< Cause I move a little slow when I dance :)<<I can count on you<<<After all that we've been through

And my kids think im a joke Keep adding to the. Song<< cause I move a little slow when I dance<<<I can count on you

funny one direction | Tumblr

Omg im listening to happily and it its on the part where it says we're on fire and i couldnt help it XD

*cough, cough* 4 yrs of spanish *cough, cough*

My head: Niall likes girls who speak different languages. *idea pops into head* I speak whale and i also speak spanish aka as the romantic language. :D

Yes!!!! :'D  one direction, 1D, harry styles, hazza, harreh, louis tomlinson, lou, tommo, niall horan, nialler, liam payne, zayn malik .xx

What to say if a boy rejects u " well u know.I was just kidding I'm in love with four brits and a leprechaun LOL fooled u!

Stop asking questions and be glad we know this

oh my gosh XD>>>>yeah sure. scare one direction with our extensive knowledge of them. that'll impress them. Haha>>>he seemed so creeped out lol>>haha I knew that! We directioners have our ways❤️

I dont but someone wanna fill me in? I've been gone forever and I'm just a little confused right about now....

Of course.It's sad they broke up. Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore and love Eleanor.but I still think about Hannah now and then. Does anyone know how she is?

when I showed my friend this she went to the store and came back with a lot of green makeup and she almost looked like this

My husband still denies girls did this kinda stuff for them!