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The Day J Dilla Created | OnSMASH

Store Owner In Michigan Discovers Over Abandoned Records From J Dilla’s Personal Collection

MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation Aims To Combat The Cultural Assault On Black & Brown Girls - Lyte: “Redefining the essence of women” — she said the board’s goal is “ trying to have one learn themselves enough to create their own definition of themselves and not be defined by anybody else’s labels or lines and boxes.”

MC Lyte: The Cultural Assault On Black & Brown Girls

According to MC Lyte, sexism is scattered throughout pop culture. Her Hip Hop Sisters Foundation aims to do something about it.

We all have vices. But, there are definitely those of us who choose to push the limits with their drug of choice way further than most. Then again, there are [...]

Weathering The Storm: 15 Rap Songs About Addiction

From the classic Hip Hop album "The Infamous" by Mobb Deep The Start of Your Ending Side) -Also Includes: The Infamous Prelude

You...you got what I need but you say he's just a friend and you say he's just a friend...

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