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Over-wintering eggplants - Rosehips and Rhubarb

My experiment over-wintering eggplants looks like it may have succeeded (well, partly).

Marinated Grilled Eggplant with Herbs - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Marinated Grilled Eggplant with Herbs

Grilled eggplant scattered with summer herbs and garlic and dressed with olive oil and your favourite vinegar or lemon juice.

Winter Dreaming: August Garden - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Winter Dreaming: August Garden

August is a gentle, peaceful time in my Adelaide garden, a time for poring over seed catalogues and imagining future abundance.

How to Grow Peas - Rosehips and Rhubarb

How to Grow Peas

Sweet, sun-warmed peas eaten straight from the vine are one of the great delights of home gardening. Here are tips for growing a bumper crop.

In the Garden and Kitchen, November 15 - Rosehips and Rhubarb

In the Garden and Kitchen, November 15

This week the first zucchini was harvested and the cat found a new hiding place under the rhubarb plant.

Silent Sunday: 18 January 2015 - Rosehips and Rhubarb

My first ever Silent Sunday photo.

Dry Weather Gardening: November 2014 - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Dry Weather Gardening

Dry weather gardening can be frustrating and challenging. Here's how I am coping with unseasonably hot, dry, spring weather.

Friday Favourites: March 13, 2015 - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Friday Favourites: March 13, 2015

Friday Favourites: March 2015 - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Buds and Blossoms: Late Winter Garden - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Have you ever made candied citrus peel? If you haven't, I highly recommend you do, especially if you grow citrus trees or have access to unwaxed organic fruit.

Do you fancy a food swap? - Rosehips and Rhubarb

Do you fancy a food swap

Join a food swap to share local produce and gardening know-how.