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Our first filter offering at @broadcastglasgow from @gardellicoffees is now dialled in and ready. A natural Gesha from Panama tasting tropical and elegant. A truly beautiful coffee. Only 11 brews available and 4 have already been reserved. Best get in quick.

In our order from @gardellicoffees they very kindly dropped in a bag of this Panama Natural Gesha from their 'competition series'. I was intending on adding a brew bar to our Broadcast pop-up soon but this seems the perfect reason to start it this week. This is a rare sought after and highly acclaimed coffee from one of the world's best roasters. The type of coffee you would seldom see outside of barsita competitions. I only have enough to make around 11/12 brews after dialling in so I'll…

Finally got round to tasting these two bangers from @manversusmachine that @robdoescoffee dropped off. No surprise that the Kenyan is stunning and delicious. I was however very surprised to find myself really loving the Brazil. To date I can only remember enjoying one other Brazil and that was as espresso. So much so that I almost completely ignore Brazils when I see them on roasters lists assuming them to be boring "crowd pleaser" coffees. For this to shine as filter especially next to…

Love this honey sooooo much Bloody delicious on our homemade Irish Soda bread toast or Banana bread. Plus it helps the bees of Glasgow prosper. Win/win

Today's nom Sesame bagel with Black forest ham rocket tomato parmesan and parsley soft cheese. Ready to grab and go.

Opening day disco at @broadcastglasgow

Flat whites in the mist

There was some strong competition but 'cutest customer of the day' goes to Yoss the hedgehog.

I've been selling off my book collection and it's time for @bluebottlejames 's Craft of Coffee to go. One of my first and favourite coffee books. So much passion bleeding through in each page. Perhaps more romanticised than others on the subject but that only makes it a more compelling read.