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"Monkey Face" Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon ~ (Look closely.. see the climbers?) ♥

"Monkey Face" @ Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne Oregon (Look closely. see the rock climbers?

Monkey D. Luffy- he could be looking at the most frightening sight... but he would probably be extited...

LuffY toujours avec son air d'incompréhension… "lØl" ~ Luffy Monkey D.

Sock Monkey Face Poker Deck

Shop Sock Monkey Face Bicycle Playing Cards created by FreshandStrong.

Sock Monkey Face Poker Deck - Found on zazzle.com

Sock Monkey Face Poker Deck - Found on zazzle.com

Image from http://static.tumblr.com/01323b4ea8db88dc67ae7782c3021154/e58jkja/wIYmra3y7/tumblr_static_my_chemical_romance_35.jpg.

my chemical romance ✧ Mikey has made half a unicorn

Ha ha..  This board should be named after an old co-worker, but I'll just leave it as that...

You may fool thousands of people into believing that you're a decent human being, with your false persona and your fake smile and heart. But I will always be that one person who figured you out and knows who you REALLY are under all that bullshit!

Van 'T Hoff Time of the Monkey Art Watch By mid-afternoon, it is time to get curious with Van’T Hoff’s charming single edition ladies’ watch “Time of the Monkey”.  It would be sensible to listen to the monkey’s words of wisdom, as he certainly knows which branch is best to swing on! Entertaining, smart, and master of practical jokes, watch out for some fun mischievousness. Do not be fooled by this little monkey’s poker face, he is watching you as he plays with water, will you be splashed?

Discover VAN'T HOFF's "Time of the Monkey" a truly charming single edition ladies’ timepiece.