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My favorite is Nickelodeon because it seems more childish and stuff and we need more childish children now a days also shut up about cartoon network being pan and shit, can y'all keep your tumblr queer out of these things just because its the same color as the flag

Charlie Brown&Snoopy☮

All Amazing Characters from the movie Sing! My Favorite one is Ash

Blue Diamond by sparks220stars on DeviantArt

Baby Huey is the original "baby giant." Actually, a big, obnoxious, but loveable and innocent goof - he is a muscle-bound hero in diapers. With his rock-solid head, refrigerator-size avoirdupois and vice-like hugs, Baby Huey has charmed cartoon fans with his adventures since 1950. Huey usually wants to play with the other barnyard ducklings, but his large size and general clumsiness make him the odd man out.