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Social Groups Views From Cosmopolitan  - Not only do guys have trouble accepting that a female can know as much or like a sport like football as much just because it is predominantly a male sport. They also have issues with what girls wear to Super Bowl parties and judge their interest on sports based on it.

Which player has the best on the field? What should women wear to football games? Watch hosts Lyndsey Rodrigues and Mike Cannon chat with Cosmo Radio host Taylor Strecker about the and so much more!

If you don't know, "I ship it" means that you are a fan of or agree with a pairing.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure where that phrase came from.  Will have to look that up.

They Are A Couple

This girl is quarterback of her high school football team, and that cheerleader is her girlfriend! This is too cute me being a girl amd on the football team was hard enough I which my gf could have been there cheering me on .

A Popular Chinese Social Networking App Blazes Its Own Path - NYTimes.com

A Popular Chinese Social Networking App Blazes Its Own Path

Popular Chinese Social Networking App Blazes Its Own Path

Grocery Store Helps Poverty-Stricken Shoppers Keep Their Pride - PSFK

Creative option for addressing both hunger and ecology concerns: A customer scans the shelves at Community Shop, the U.'s first "social supermarket." The discount grocery stores are growing in popularity.

Erin DiMeglio is a badass

South Plantation's Erin DiMeglio Breaks High School Barriers as Girl QB

Erin DiMeglio Looks to Make History as Florida High School’s Girl Quarterback (Video)

i want to be a quarterback oneday...

Erin DiMeglio, a 17 year old, may be the first girl to play quarterback in Florida high school football history. When the announcer told the crowd Erin DiMeglio was at quarterback, there was little.