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Mark Twain I found this pinned on a board titled "Free Thinking". It's actually a serious subject, but I couldn't help but laugh; although I'm sure some people are outraged by it. I wonder what Mark Twain would think of us today.

More imaginary beings from the Bible. But us Atheist are totally being unreasonable for not having blind faith & trusting logic, instead using facts, & science. #WhosBeingRidiculousHere? #GoodWithoutGod #RealityIsWonderful

More imaginary beings from the Bible. But us Atheist are totally being unreasonable for not having blind faith & trusting logic, facts, & science.

The difference between me and "god" is that I would fix this if I was all powerful.

Major part of my un-conversion right here. Unanswered prayers aren't always as romantic and "god knows best" as Garth Brooks would have us believe.

Atheists are better than any Christian.

Godless Science Lovers added a new photo.

Dogma and extreme religiosity brainwashes people into thinkiing that killing each other in the name of God is acceptable. REALLY??

I can say I hate religion, but it doesn't have to mean that I hate religious people only because I disagreeing their religious opinions. See the difference!

God of the bible notices its first Plan sucks, so itdrowns millions of little babies, toddlers and pregnant women to rid the world of the sin and evil it created...and repopulates the whole planet via incest. World fills with sin and evil right away. That's called piss poor planning, engineering, management and execution.

And god said to all the livings things of earth, Fuck you. And then he killed them all. Y Dios dijo a todas las cosas vivientes de la tierra, que os jodan y luego los mató a todos.

Here are some stats on atheist discrimination...  - http://holesinthefoam.us/atheistdiscrimination/

Atheists Face Discrimination On A Shocking Level. I predict-believe-HOPE, that the 3 idiotic abrahamic religions will pass into the history books.

Family Business Jehovah

Yup Family Business Jehovah

This sounds like some rotten family business I don't want to get involved in


There's no room for belief in rigorous science. Just curiosity, the desire to dedicate your life to the greater good, and the drive to never give up. "SCIENCE doesn't really give a shit about your BELIEFS"

Oh. Snap.

The Bible does not call left-handedness a sin, but because of the pre-eminence of the positive connotations to "right hand", from the Middle Ages lefties were persecuted. Sounds ridiculous to us now, no?

Noah's Ark. Because the largest and most thorough act of genocide in history makes a great children's story. Don't brainwash your kid. Teach them to think.

you god. the largest and most thorough q . a "ill i set of genocide in ti, " t! 'ilgili history makes a I " great children' genocide

#atheism #atheist #religion

Silence when a religion offends our reason is a poor option: it is necessary for human survival to confront religion and religionists with reality

MEME ZONE: Atheists Let's Unwind - Religion - Nigeria

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