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I doubt this would fit the forest, but I do love the picture. It could be a vision from further away, on a mountain side. It's easy to sell things to me with light blue & dark contrast ;

Order = Even though it's a fantasy world it's based on the natural world - a place that has been untouched by man - which suggests that it is order. Disorder = since its a fantasy world that doesn't exist it can be considered disorder since believing a place like this exists can be considered as insanity.

"I refuse to live in reality today.I'm just going to disappear into a fantasy world where there is no illness, no death nor loss, or any worries or troubles. A world of complete peace and tranquility.

Be generous with your spirit and help the world around you by being a shinning light of loving intention. See the beauty in giving love.

Everything beautiful.a place to escape. A place where dreams come true. This is everything i dream of.all the beauty all the time ~All photographs & media published here belong to their respective owners.

I was once enlightened by a gentleman who let me know that I have two spirit animals...the raven and the wolf.  Blessed am I

Book of Shadows page about The Raven

I was once enlightened by a gentleman who let me know that I have two spirit animals.the raven and the wolf. Blessed am I

Let the Spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world a better place than when you found it.

I'm only pinning this for the girl's face. (I need her face as a reference for a character I'm creating) Título: Winter somewhere, de ElenaDudina (Elena Dudina)

Beautiful creature character design

Galaxy packer she wolf beautiful caring loyal a great hunter and fighter no mate or pups 4 years old her wings sparkle when they are outstretched