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Doctor Who 3 days #savetheday

Celine Yoong on

This will make you smile if you're a Doctor Who fan. I'm smiling. :)

Don't cry because it's over. Matt Smith Doctor Who Whovian

Doctor Who Companions (Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, River Song, and Clara)

Doctor Who Companions T-Shirt

The Bad Wolf, The Girl Who Walked the Earth, The Most Important Woman, The Girl Who Waited, The Child of the TARDIS and The Impossible Girl by tomtrager - Doctor Who. Clara has marred the grouping of companions.

Audition Script for the Twelfth Doctor  I think I'm gonna like this new Doctor.

Check Out the Audition Script for the Twelfth Doctor

Audition Script for the Twelfth Doctor I like this version better than the one they used. Entirely didn't get the kidney bit.

In loving Memory of Amelia Williams and Rory Arthur Williams

just watched this. i will be forever sad.

The Freema Agyeman thing bothers me so much. And I knew that was Karen Gillan in The Fires of Pompeii! Do they just cast extras and when they like them, they make them the Doctor's next companion or something?

I love how having a small role on Doctor Who doesn't prevent you from getting a larger one later. Oh and don't forget, that Roman father guy in that Pompeii episode what was his name was played by Peter Capaldi, later to become the Twelfth Doctor

I told this to my friend's mom when I spent the night, and she didn't get it... I'm alone in the universe.

I HATE baked beans. the doctor understands me

Believe in Sherlock. Trust in The Doctor.

Christmas Special: "There is a man, called the doctor. He lives on a cloud in the sky. and all he does, all day, every day is to stop all the children in the world ever having bad dreams.

Great mind like that, some of the details kept bleeding through.

Donna Noble was and always will be the greatest companion and my personal favorite. To the women who never really forgot