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New Still of Yoochun in "The Girl Who Can See Smells"

“The Girl Who Sees Smells”: Yoochun & Shin Se Kyung’s Tasty, Healthy, And Rainy Date

Say what you want about this drama. It wasn't that horrible of a drama, and Lee Min Ho came a long way from this character. I like that this drama expanded Ji Hoo/Rui's role, particularly. Even though JanDi kind of annoyed me, there were some moments where she touched people around her. I see this drama, and other dramas with the rich man/poor woman archetype, as more of the Little Mermaid/ Beauty and the Beast feel, not as Cinderella.

He was afraid to become a dad, but he didn't need to worry. He came a long ways and became a very caring and loving person.

Gu Family Book

Lee Yeon Hee Returns to Gu Family Book as the Parent Love Story Gets Final Closure - A Koala's Playground

SBS releases short preview for new drama, ‘To the Beautiful You’

SBS releases short preview for new drama, 'To the Beautiful You'

The Girl Who Sees Smells Holds Pretty Press Conference and Releases Exciting Long Preview | A Koala's Playground

Having a drama I’m looking forward to hold a really visually thumbs up press conference is a double treat indeed. The collective pretty on display at the press conference for upcoming SBS drama The Girl Who Sees Smells is the … Continue reading →


The Girl Who Sees Smells Cast Holds Cheerful Mid-drama Press Conference - A Koala's Playground