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The difference between Men & Boys is the size of their Toys Sign

Difference Between Men & Boys Sign - Fast shipping, direct from the USA manufacturer. Order your Difference Between Men & Boys Sign today.

20 Hilarious Examples Of Everyday Irony - Page 2 of 5

Anything with irony in it makes us laugh. The first statement is also an irony because it didn't make you laugh, and if we believe the first statement to be true, this second one didn't make y.

But--- But-- "Hey Y'all watch this!" is the redneck national anthem!

Sign Prohibits Doing Things Preceded by “Hey Y'all, Watch This!” “Hey Y'All, watch me play safely and respectfully"

exit before tweeting

Best of Getaway funny signs: social media takeover

In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) fcseh In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :)

Amazing Funny Road Signs Pictures. funny-and-weird

In Need of a Laugh

Funny and silly signs: Funny zoo sign: Please Be Safe! Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick!

I prefer it when surgery takes longer than five minutes.

When there is a Question... wear your eye Protection! Yes indeed!!!

Enhance safety awareness with the Workplace Safety Poster - When There Is a Question / Eye Protection

Jean-Luc Picard against the use of desperate memes with obscure backgrounds. :D

Humor: feeling like you have no one to talk to? (Probably because you are sitting in an empty parking lot!

Going to get a sign like this for my backyard but change the "the fish crawl out" to "The Bulldog comes out"

Who knew zoos could be such funny places? Check out these strange but funny signs spotted at zoos around the world.: 18 Hilarious Signs Spotted At The Zoo

Yes, it is

My alone time is sometimes for your safety. Courtesy of Introverts are Awesome FB Page

Almost as dangerous as sharks...

Almost as dangerous as sharks.

Gobble gobble bitches

Shot my first turkey today.scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food section, it was awesome!