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Will my Horse Survive Colic Surgery? - TheHorse.com | There are no easy answers when it comes to colic surgery, just as there are no easy decisions. #horses #horsehealth #colic

Enterolith Location Doesn't Affect Survival Rate or Surgical Complications

Safety tips if caught out after dark trail riding

Safety Tips for Trail Riding at Night

Find out what should go into a horse first aid kit. Be ready for emergencies with basic emergency veterinary supplies.

An equine behavior expert considers the reasons why horses might roll after baths.

Why Do Horses Roll After Baths?

Erin Denney-Jones suggests management techniques to reduce the chance of your horse suffering from sand colic.

Stretches for horses

Performing stretches with your horse can increase his flexibility, enhance performance, and decrease the likelihood of an injury. Here are some specific stretches for horses.

What horsepeopel really mean. Horse euphemisms -

5 Myths About Colic You May Still Believe - Horse Collaborative

Study: Permanently Avoiding Colic Impossible in Some Horses

Study: Permanently Avoiding Colic Impossible in Some Horses

In the current study most horses successfully returned to their prior athletic function after colic surgery.

Colic... the number one killer - Part 1: Diagnostic and prognostic indicators

I think my horse has colic. these are the words many horse owners worry about.Colic means “pain in the abdomen”