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Awesome undersea art by Blu Rivard. Green Sea turtle enjoying life with his friends in a beautiful blue Pacific Ocean coral reef.

Wow ! Colorful coral and Seahorses - sea life

Seahorses are found in shallow tropical and temperate waters throughout the world.named "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek word hippos. meaning "horse" and kampos meaning "sea monster".

almost all the colors of the rainbow, and just as magical

A Healthy Ocean System. largest coral reef in the world. Home to more than a 100 different kinds of coral and some 500 species of fish, the Belize Barrier Reef is amazing to explore.

mare fondali equatoriali

Coral is included in this phylum. The coral is a habitat for many creatures in the sea. Coral is endanger because of divers and fishermen. The chemicals and dirt on a human's hand cold kill the coral

Beautiful Fishes Underwater.

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The Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus - meaning "blood-colored six-gills") is a dorid nudibranch. Not a human dancer, but amazing colors.

Aqua fish tank

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