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Search engine optimization refers to the process of affecting ranking of the websites in search index of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Search engine optimization is become really good at understanding keyword meaning and separating the marketing strategy to serve the purpose. To create new creative ways of gathering the audience, the search engine optimization companies in NYC have started to merge more traditional concepts in SEO. This has resulted in general progression of SEO as a discipline. To help maximize the value and visibility online, the best approach is to start with strategic content and apply SEO practices.

Social signals- A great ranking factor in SEO!

With the growing trend of search engine optimization for website ranking in SERPs, social media signals too have played vital role. Many search engine optimization professionals’ make use of this method for high-ranking placement in the search results page. #

With dramatic dips in the website performance because of old SEO marketing techniques, search engine optimizers have come up with new strategies considering the variety of performance indicators such as page-rank, traffic, ranking keywords and many more. #

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of web pages and websites in search index of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine optimization is a procedure of improving ranking of any website in the search results of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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New York City

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Common SEO related myths that can damage your campaign

An search engine optimization campaign is a part of most businesses’ online marketing plan. But, there are some common SEO myths that cause confusion and misunderstanding among business owners. This can damage your SEO campaign. Some of these myths are #