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Maria Hammarblad is an author of scifi romance and contemporary romance, most known for award winning novel Kidnapped. Everything from dogs to books!

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Syd Mead join us http://pinterest.com/koztar/

Syd Mead Still Cranking Out Visions of the Future

Time for more retro futuristic cities. Let's begin with the most popular prediction about future cities, painted by Frank R. Here we can see a wild ci.

The Art Of Animation, Feng Zhu / cyberpunk / futuristic steampunk / fantasy / sci fi / digital backgrounds

Futuristic Cloud City Scifi

FUTURE Aerial City, a place that hovers well above the ground- Dreamlike Concept Images of Cities that Float High Above the Clouds- Who will Sell Real estate, Robots or Real People?

Chinese town in the mountains HD wallpaper | Fantasy Desktop Wallpaper

Chinese town in the mountains Fantasy HD desktop wallpaper, Tree wallpaper, Mountain wallpaper, Cherry wallpaper, Valley wallpaper - Fantasy no.

The12thColony by Stefan Morrell. (via The12thColony by StefanMorrell - CGHUB)

Today we've dedicate this new selection to all sci-fi environments. Meet the the wonderful futuristic art of Stefan Morrell

Иногда хочется улететь от всех проблем.......

Иногда хочется улететь от всех проблем.......

Stad van wolken

Stad van wolken