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At work right now, we are focused on creating moments of impact and I find that the older I get the more little moments are the things I remember and treasure most., a tender touch, a kind word, a cool breeze that blows the cob webs out oh my mind.

This is what I want to tell people most days

This is what I want to tell people most days 👍

Louis Tomlinson (that awkward moment when I don’t know if I should put this on my Quotes board or my One Direction board)

Living Simply Is The Key To Success

Louis Tomlinson Quote And Literally All One Direction Wall Sticker Quotes Are Going In My New Room! (Yea that's right my fantasy room is LITERALLY coming to life (: I'm so excited!

Mike Dooley, www.tut.com

Confusion, indecision, and uncertainty often mean that if you wait a little longer before deciding, an even better option will emerge, with such clarity it may bite you on the nose and sweep you off your feet.

Not sure who Lee is but I know God and I never want to turn back!

God is all ready for the great "makeover" in you!