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Elagabalus , also known as Heliogabalus Latin: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus; c. 203 – March 11, 222), was Roman emperor from 218 to 222. A member of the Severan dynasty, he was Syrian, the second son of Julia Soaemias and Sextus Varius Marcellus. In his early youth he served as a priest of the god Elagabal in the hometown of his mother's family, Emesa. As a private citizen, he was probably named Sextus Varius Avitus Bassianus. He was called Elagabalus only after his death.

Macrinus (Latin: Marcus Opellius Severus Macrinus Augustus;[a] c. 165 – June 218) was Roman Emperor from April 217 to 8 June 218. He reigned jointly with his young son Diadumenianus. Macrinus was by origin from Mauretania Caesariensis. A member of the equestrian class, he became the first emperor who did not hail from the senatorial class. Before becoming emperor, Macrinus served under Emperor Caracalla as a praetorian prefect . He murdered Caracalla and become emperor.

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