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Life of a College Witch : Photo

Anyone can be a witch. Everyone can be a witch. You can be a witch from a long line fo witches. You can be the first witch in your family. The only thing that matters is that you are a witch now and it is forever in your heart.

Does it make me creepy that I kinda love the dark poetry aspect behind it? Like...I would totally write this on my tombstone.

This is essentially the english version of the quote "Quod tu es, eqo fui, quod ego sum, tu eris.

Miss camping soo much! and i miss the northwest.

this is what i want: my little piece of silence, the world full and blooming all around, and me here listening to the wind

There is so many saying that we must get Rid of our Ego, but it's part of our Humanness. It has definitely been running the show for far too long, keeping us in a place of FEAR, but now it's time to accept the purpose of a Healthy Ego, and move forward with Spirit leading the way....  All1son  As Jeff Brown says "Let’s not throw the entire ego out with the bath water. I’m not talking about the unbridled ego, the narcissistic ego, the imbalanced ego. I’m talking about the strong self-concept…

Click the Pin to get more Ego can be cunning. Sometimes you dont even realize its driving your behavior. Acting on urges from the ego can be unhealthy and destructive. Letting yourself to be led by spirit results in serenity.

Turtle Prayer

Black Kitten Magick [EPTURP] - This beautiful parchment poster mingles the tribal artwork of Eliot Alexander with the poetic prayer of Travis Bowman to provide you with a prayer to the Great Turtle Spirit.

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree - Aphrodite is hilarious! How they tied her in!

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

The Greek god family tree. (Not pictured: literally thousands of minor gods, demigods, and folks of a mythological persuasion.