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Damselfly | by Muzby1801

Damselfly by Murray Clarke. A face only a mother could love.

Philippine Tarsier. Oh my god  I don't know what this thing is but it's super adorable and now I want one!

if your happy and you know it hug a tree . I'm a tarsier ! The Philippine Tarsier has been called “the world’s smallest monkey” or “smallest primate” by locals before. However, the Philippine Tarsier is neither a monkey nor the smallest primate.

Jazhara is a jaglion. The jaglions have a jaguar father and a lion mother. How amazing!

Jahzara is a jaglion who was (unexpectantly) born of a lion mother and jaguar father. She was discovered on April at the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

Translucent frog  look at those little lungs!

Glass Frog: A living transparent amphibian native to rainforest. Glass frogs are a fascinating frog family with a transparent skin, allowing you to view inside its small body

Photograph shaded swing by Savas Sener

Spirit of the frog - totem - transiition and renewal. Hold on tight dear one, the flower has your back. shaded swing by Savas Sener on TINY frog! the flower it's on is less than an inch wide!


The endangered Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta). Haha this is a weird lookin' creature.D Everything is cute in it's own way I guess.

Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus)

Baby tapir seeks name

(Malaysian Tapir) * * BABY TAPIR: " Mom says me spots willz taper off az me grows. Rightz now dey be fer camo.

Mule Deers in Arches National Park, Utah (photo by Nate Zeman)

The horns serve as a symbol of beauty. So here are some Beautiful Pictures of Animals with Horns. Animals really look very bold and charming with a pair of horns.

Smiles For Jake.

Smiles For Jake.