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Just trying some visual space experiments during my daily render marathon. Most using + Octane Renderer as the main tools.Worldmachine Geoglyph for the landscape and Houdini for some smoke si…

ESO image of gas clouds in the Carina Nebula

ESO image of gas clouds in the Carina Nebula my monday

Antarctica from space

Visualization of the Earth’s south pole and Antarctica from NASA. Earth is beautiful - Amazing textures

I want to draw a picture of an astronaut in space with a gun to his head but, have it wear he is blowing the galaxy out his head instead of his brain. Or maybe have the astronaut float in darkness.

Did you try Brilliant today? | via Brilliant.org  ree problem solving and test prep. Problems are created by people all over the world, including olympiad champions and university professors.

Solar-system-vortex The helical model of how our solar system travels through space

Walking the fish

Walking the fish fish need large tanks so the water has a large enough surface area for the water to be clean and the goldfish get oxygen

Futuristic illustrator Romain Trystram returns with a new visual story GONE View more on Behance