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Magic Kiss by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

I love fantasy pictures. In coloured pencils Magic Kiss

Lotus and Pearls by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

Watercolour and golden ink on paper it's a wallpaper for Anima Academia de Arte Lotus and Pearls

Red Rose by GisaPizzatto on deviantART

Copic and golden ink and watercolour (background) on paper Red Rose

Benten Goddess by GisaPizzatto on deviantART

My version of Benten Benten also called Benzaiten, (Divinity of the Reasoning Faculty), in Japanese mythology, one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (Seven G.

Galway Girl by GisaPizzatto on deviantART

to My Galway Girl made with watercolours on the fantastic Canson Pittura paper! Well, I took a stroll on.

India by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

India by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

Carmen Splash by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

Splash Model Series by GisaPizzatto on DeviantArt

Year of the Goat by GisaPizzatto on DeviantArt

It's the Wood Goat! The Year of the Goat starts from Feb. The Chinese commonly regard the goat as an auspicio. Year of the Goat

Kiss by Gisela Pizzatto

Kiss by Gisela Pizzatto

When Music Plays by =GisaPizzatto on deviantART

What do you feel when Music plays? I made this drawing specially for the Manga Art Exhibition in Berlin. Markers and Ink on Canso. When Music Plays