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Dear all of you toy lovers out there i would like to share and relive my childhood memories again with all of you especially the people bo.

C.O.P.S. Ms. Demeanor was my fave even though she was a "Crook" lol. How about Longarm, Mirage, Mainframe, Nightshade, or Buttons McBoom Boom! #80's cartoon #COPS Cartoon

COPS (Central Organization of Police Specialists) is an American animated television series which ran from

These are possibly the BEST 5 Geeky Restaurants around the world!

These are possibly the BEST 5 Geeky Restaurants around the world!

The DC one reminds me of the end of Kingdom come. Where Bruce, Diana and Clark go to a justice league themed restaurant Xx

ryallsfiles: “ M.A.S.K. by Tommy Lee Edwards. Coming this fall from IDW! Official announcement here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2016/05/02/exclusive-mask-tv-comic-book/83816858/ ”

Returns In New Ongoing Comic Series Joining other recent Hasbro additions to the IDW Publishing slate, ROM and Micronauts, M. will become the latest property to receive its own comic series.

Oscar R2

Star Wars and Sesame Street Mashup: Oscar the Grouch & “Home Sweet Home”

Kinda knew it all along :)   Which ’80s Cartoon Series Are You?  You got: “Jem”  You’re pretty much the definition of fabulous: Caring, stylish, and cool; which is why your friends all envy you (and secretly want to be you).

Which Cartoon Series Are You? Joe: A Real American Hero” You’re as tough as nails, but also sensitive when you need to be. You’re always a comfort to your family and friends.


Still the best and greatest of 'em all. This is related to my board because it represent the legacy of Atari on the gaming world, a name that probably is not too familiar anymore