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A feline favourite: The cat wines were the idea of Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala who ...

Apollo Peak, from Denver, Colorado have created a non-alcoholic cat wine

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Cats who have had enough…

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Wine For Cats Exists

MosCATo and Pinot Meow are two non-alcoholic catnip based wines developed by Apollo Peak of Denver, Colorado. The idea is that now you can enjoy a drink with your cats. You drink regular wine and they drink cat wine.

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Cat enjoys riding his toy truck to the kitchen.

This cat is enjoying his ride on a toy truck to the kitchen. Bonus video: Kitten goes for a ride on the back of a tortoise.

CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Apollo tasting some Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Apollo Peak Cat Wine - How do you make a cat wine? You take away his kibble. Oh, I slay myself. No, seriously, you make a cat wine by selecting the most tasty cats, putting .


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