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I'm thrilled to get to be a rep for Hoot Loot Box and to show off their amazing November Launch box! ... and I really wanted to get my hand...

The Wit & Wisdom of The Peanuts Gang

Are you a Peanut's fan? I sure am. And, did you know that Charles Shultz based a great deal of his humor upon the Bible and the principles of the Bible? Check out this post that highlights the wit and the wisdom of Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and the gang!

Using the Serenity Prayer in Our Everyday Life

PDF Print-off of the prayer is available at Inkblots of Hope. :)

Printable of this prayer is available at Inkblots of Hope.

Using the Serenity Prayer in Our Everyday Life

Printable of this prayer is available at Inkblots of Hope.

The Power of the Routine

Don't look at a routine as something that is limiting you, but as something that gives you the freedom to enjoy your life. Click…

I feel so ready for this year .......and that is just not like me! Usually, I am cautious or skeptical of what the new year MAY hold. But I am finally learning some lessons that are giving way to freedom, even confidence. Why not drop by to discover what I'm learning?

As a retailer online, if you need to expand your products but do not want additional inventory, #dropshipping might just be the answer for you.

10 Verses to Inspire You to FOLLOW After God

To follow is to... is to go after. To follow is to... move behind someone in the same direction. Following God is sometimes so easy. But other times it is difficult to step out in faith. Today, we offer 10 Bible verses that will inspire, motivate, & encourage you to follow after God wholeheartedly. Why not stop by for a visit?

A Simulation of Pain: You’re Not Alone In Your Suffering

His feet were caked with dust, adhered by sweat, blistered from the miles of sandal chafing skin. I longed for this incarnate Christ like never before.

How do We Trust God when Suffering is Long and Hard

How do we trust God when suffering is long and hard?