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The first one is literally me my Who life. Paul McGann is quite possibly my favorite Doctor, the Doctor can be any age, we're WHOVIANS, Rose, while overrated, is still pretty cool, Classic Who is lit, EVERY Doctor is good in some respect, and Nine should NEVER be skipped.

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38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes It's actually not useless? Try saying lasagna without the "g".


The Doctors Sonic Screwdrivers through out the years. From left to right The Doctors Sonic Screwdriver created in his final story The War Games.

46: Long or fake nails on both hands can also indicate that the person wearing them is most likely not a doctor, veterinarian or nurse, or has not been working in that profession a while, as examining the patients whilst having those nails is obstructing and also uncomfortable for the patient.

A guide to deduction A wallet with slits along the sides of the most easily accessible card slot often belongs to a regular commuter. Thin train tickets do not bulge the slots, but can cause frequent small damage to the wallet.