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From Honey Bee to Supermarket Shelves to the Kitchen Pantry, the Harvesting of Honey is a Multifaceted Story.


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If you’re worried about consuming produce cultivated with the use of pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, or other unnatural substances, be sure to go organic!

Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be USDA certified organic. (If you are concerned about GMOs in your food, just buy certified organic products; they are not allowed to contain GMOs.

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A Bee Keeping Guide Autonopedia Really nice info on bee keeping. This info also has construction plans for the hive.

Celebrating Peanut Butter Month! #pblove

Top 5 ways to celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Month - Peanut Butter Lovers

The median household income fell slightly in 2011, continuing a trend that began with the Great Recession of 2008, although poverty rates remained abo

Household Incomes Decline, Poverty Rates Flat Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Economy category. Check out Household Incomes Decline, Poverty Rates Flat now!

Infographic: Identifying honeybees from other stinging insects and other honeybee facts.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Identify the Docile Honeybee from its More Aggressive Counterparts. Honey bees are very unlikely to sting