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Frugal & Thrifty : Reusable Dryer Sheets

Looking for a more frugal, eco-friendly alternative to store bought dryer sheets? These make it yourself sheets are cheap, easy to do .

Oceanfront vibes in the comfort of your house! Bring the beach home with an old glass vase, a Lazy Susan, and your favorite color of Krylon Sea Glass Finish (we went with Rose)!

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dog carrier pattern | Small and Medium sizes fit most up to 180lbs, while Large and XL are ...

This puppy dog sling, from Pet Flys, is a fashionable carrier that will keep your hands free while your pet is safe and secured. All Puppy “Hold’em” Slings have Faux Fur trim with cotton side padding and come with a safety chain to use if needed.

Update your kitchen cabinets in 3 easy steps. With Rust-Oleum paint, you can give your kitchen a new, refreshed look. Save time and money with this DIY tutorial on The Home Depot Blog.

Get the Look of New Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way

Sometimes renovating a home costs a lot of money and often costs more than the planned budget. And how to renovate cheap house is absolutely necessary, so that what has been budgeted can be achieveâ * See this great article

Envelope Dog Bed - I had everything I needed to make one of these so I got my butt off the couch and made one. I hope Lola loves it. For now she is just resting her chin on the edge of it.

Make a Cool “Envelope” Dog Bed!

Sew a simple envelope dog bed for the snugglers! An easy DIY that uses only three yards of fleece. I would just sew a piece of fabric to a pet bed as well if you already have one.

How to Live Beneath Your Means.||| This is a great article. It helps to pin-point where most of your money is going.

How to Live Beneath Your Means

How to Live Beneath Your Means Practical money saving techniques and also link to a money spending tracker

Bed bugs are becoming a growing problem all around the United States. If you live in an apartment you can almost bet you will get them if yo...

Rub dryer sheets along edges of scissors to sharpen, cleaning curling iron w/ toothpaste, etc. Great article for home cleaning tricks! Hang dryer sheet to repel mosquitos!

How To Glitter Ornaments

How To Glitter Christmas Ornaments - this is the BEST glitter glue to use! Perfect for handmade ornaments & DIY gifts.

Ant Killer Spray : Add 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash, and Dawn dish soap into a spray bottle and shake. Spray onto area with ants and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes then wipe clean.

Pet Friendly Ant Killer: One of the odder pins I've put on this board, but there are always ants in the kitchen in the summer! This kills them INSTANTLY and is easy to clean up. Pet friendly too. 1 T- hydrogen peroxide, 1 T- dish soap, 1 T- mouthwash

A Natural Bleach Alternative  12 cups water  1/4 cup lemon juice  1 cup hydrogen peroxide    Mix. Add 2 cups per wash load or put in spray bottle and use as a household cleaner. wash with ( my regular homemade detergent), let it agitate, and then let it soak for a little over an hour.

How To Make A Simple, Natural Alternative To Bleach

A Natural Bleach Alternative for Laundry or Household Cleaner: 12 cups water cup lemon juice 1 cup hydrogen peroxide Mix. Add 2 cups per wash load or put in spray bottle for a household cleaner

How to Fix Cat Scratches on Leather with olive oil.

How To Remove Scratches In Leather Chairs Easily Use a soft cloth to rub olive oil in circles on the surface of minor scratches in leather. The key is to really